Travis Cadman has been working in the world of real estate for over twenty years

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Travis Cadman is not new to the world of real estate or real estate investment. He has been working in the world of real estate for over twenty years. During those two decades, Travis Cadman has been able to learn a great deal about the field of real estate. Travis Cadman has worked in both Canada and the United States, excelling in his work on either side of the border. Travis Cadman has worked in the real estate industry alongside his brother, Ron, starting in 1984 when they made the move from Red Deer, Alberta, to Phoenix, Arizona.

The move from Red Deer to Phoenix was motivated by a desire to learn the real estate industry from an industry expert who knew what he was talking about. The man they learned from was a skilled and respected real estate expert who was able to teach them the trade of developing and renovating residential properties for a profit.

Travis and Ron Cadman learned a great deal while they were in Phoenix, Arizona, but they soon felt compelled to leave for Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada. They developed commercial, residential, land syndication, and multi-family real estate projects through a firm they founded together in 1989. In 1997, Travis Cadman and his brother felt the call to return home to Red Deer, Alberta. They returned home and further developed their own skills in the real estate industry. They provided access to high quality real estate development and created unique investment opportunities in the local real estate industry.

Travis Cadman co-founded a single-family and multi-family home development business in 2001 with his brother, Ron Cadman. However, by 2005 the era of CBI Group Investments had begun in the Cadman brother’s lives. This is a successful real estate investment company that provides high quality investment products to North American investors.

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